📢📢 Join the Cutting-Edge Spatio-Temporal Modeling Hackathon in Svalbard! 📢📢


Discover the possibilities of solving complex spatio-temporal problems and advancing statistical modeling in R. Join our two-day workshops where you can collaborate with the Svalbard research community and contribute to the development of the innovative 4D-Modeller (FDMR) package.

FDMR, a powerful R package built upon a successful Bayesian Hierarchical Model, addresses diverse spatio-temporal challenges. From COVID-19 transmission to Norwegian hydropower and glacial lake dynamics in the Tibetan Plateau, FDMR has proven its effectiveness.

In the hackathon-style workshop, you’ll work closely with the FDMR development team and fellow researchers to enhance the package for Svalbard’s unique research questions. By integrating the Svalbard research community into a shared data analytics platform, your insights will shape the future development of FDMR.

FDMR employs Bayesian Hierarchical Models for probabilistic inference and handles big data efficiently. Its user-friendly tutorial vignettes make it accessible to researchers without advanced statistical expertise.

In addition, our hackathon follows Tutorial Driven Software Development, pioneered by the University of Bristol’s Research Software Engineering Department. This innovative practice aligns the software with scientists’ needs and ensuring robust documentation for wider adoption.

Secure your spot in this pioneering community that revolutionizes spatio-temporal modeling. Register now for our first hackathon, coinciding with the Svalbard Science Forum meeting in November 2023. Unleash the potential of FDMR and address Svalbard’s pressing research questions.

While this hackathon is focused on improving spatio-temporal statistical modeling of Svalbard related data, we also welcome applicants with wider research interests within a spatio-temporal modelling context. Please ensure to specify a personal project idea using 4DM if you want to work outside the Svalbard scope.

Workshop Details:

📅Date: 2-3 November 2023
📍Location: Oslo, Norway
⚙️Domains: Climate science, hydrology, glaciology
🚀Outcome: Development of case studies and research challenges in spatio-temporal modelling
📝Participants: 20 researchers and experts

Visit our website 4dmodeller for more information. Let’s shape the future of spatio-temporal modeling together.

See you at the hackathon! 👩‍💻

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